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steady steps in graduating master’s batches 2019

It was held last Thursday 29-08-2019 at the headquarters of the Faculty of Information Technology to discuss a master's thesis submitted by the student Suhail al-Sharif and the thesis was approved with very simple modifications as a result of the master's thesis the...

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Computer Hardware

Concerned with teaching students theories and techniques relevant to computer engineering, embedded systems, real-time systems, micro-controllers, designing slides, analog sensors, and robotics … Read More


Computer Science

Covers various branches of computer sciences, starting from theoretical, Khwarizmi, and programming basics to most developments in robotics, intelligent systems, bioinformatics, computer vision, and others … Read More


Computer networks

Aims at enhancing practical knowledge about communication in general and computer networking as one of the most important communication systems in all fields on the Earth in specific, which enables students Read More


Software engineering

Aims at teaching a set of basics and principles that lead to developing methods of designing and improving programming systems at all levels starting from collecting requirements, properties … Read More


Information systems

Concerned with teaching students theories and techniques relevant to computer engineering and associating hard disk with software programming. It teaches students, also, designing computer systems, Read More

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